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"After many years of creating fictional stories, I love that I now get to record real ones"


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Hello friends. Happy to have you here and thank you for viewing my work. I am Daniel and I like to call what I do creative documentary photography.

I began working in the film industry in Toronto six years ago, and before that spent three years in college building cameras, loading magazines and learning to light fictional stories. I loved the idea of creating a world from your imagination and working with film to record it. But by chance, I began filming weddings, and had the opportunity to experience real love stories.

In two thousand fourteen, I made the leap to leave the camera team and started to document couples as they celebrated their new journey in life. And I have enjoyed every bit of it.



If you enjoy my photographs and want real, natural photography to document your relationship, lets meet to discuss your day and get to know each other. 

Thanks so much for stopping by =]